Businesses and leadership teams face a dynamic set of challenges: How to choose team members with the skills and interpersonal qualities necessary to deliver memorable guest experiences? How to develop leaders, train, and acculturate team members so that they develop a passion for the organization's purpose and the skills required to become consummate service professionals? How to leverage technology to enhance team members and guest experience? At the same time facing the added challenges of constant refinements in the market. How to align with changing consumer needs, governmental regulations, economic obstacles — all the while maintaining operational excellence and the loyalty of existing guest base?  RBMG team members build upon their current organizational strengths and enhance cognitive, and non-cognitive abilities. Our training is designed to build on current achievements through understanding the "WHY" behind team's purpose.  Our goal is to help team members uncover their best and become the best version of themselves. Team members growth professionally and personally is an essential part of our business model.